Sunday, 5 June 2011


“Queen” has become one of my new nicknames. Not because I… 

1. Look like the queen. 2. Have a palace like hers. 3. Or have her money. 4. Have the unique wave she has – although this could be practiced.

No this nickname has come about mainly & used more when discussing cats because of my likeness to a Queen cat (I shall thank my fiancé for this nickname for the rest of my life).

I seem to have a natural way with cats that has also given me the nickname ‘cat whisper’. So I thought I’d integrate my love of felines & the feline world into this blog. I shall also write about Indie, the newest member of my sister-in-law-to-be family, he is a Russian blue rescue cat & I must say as Queen…gorgeous!

The writer in me will no doubt go off on tangents, hopefully providing a witty insight into the feline world, but I shall also include knowledge that I have picked up along the way. Hopefully these insights will provide laughs a plenty, advice, support & above a place for feline lovers to enjoy.

Indie will feature in almost every post I place on here & as he becomes all the more famous he shall become 'King' of my posts…..& as a small birdy has told me he may well have to have his own unique crown to wear, so he can show off to all his new feline friends! (Now that I will have to get a picture of!)

So lets keep those whisker’s twitching….   

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