Sunday, 14 August 2011

Bride to be

Picture Prompt.

For me this week’s picture prompt is very significant. The two entwined rings symbolise love & marriage. A commitment. A union of two people.

And for me personally this is even more important as at the moment I am planning my own wedding.

In 6 weeks time is shall be walking into a room, shall sit on a throne like Victorian chair next to my husband to be & we shall exchange our vows in front of family & friends.

Am I nervous? Hell yeah! But we have been planning this now since April when our notice of marriage was given in. We had to be questioned separately as to who we were, what our partners name, date of birth, occupation etc was. I must admit I found that slightly amusing but scary as hell. We assumed we’d sit there together, give them our details & hand over some money. But nope it had to be that way because of rules & regulations. You can’t get married without doing that part first.

After that we then decided where we wanted to get married, that for us was the easiest part as the location we chose held significance for us (it was originally where I was going to be proposed at). Trying to think of a date however was much trickier. Do you choose a weekend? A week day? What time of the day? Morning/noon/afternoon? We actually had several dates in mind & when I discussed a couple with the lady while making the booking she told me one time slot was available on such & such a day, I then queried one last date with her that we had in the back of our minds & bingo! The whole day was free in their diary. It even meant we got to hand pick a time! 

So we had chosen the 26th as it was exactly the same date that we got engaged least it helps us both remember anniversaries...It was a perfect choice. We also chose an afternoon ceremony as well which means guests have plenty of time to get there.

Throughout all the planning we hit stumbling blocks off course. I couldn’t decide on a dress, and then when I wasn’t looking it the perfect one came along & it’s one I can wear again & again. It’s simple, elegant & exactly what I wanted. We originally had red as a theme but changed it to blue when we couldn’t find anything ‘red like’ that we actually liked for ourselves. We have chosen not to have a cake & after venue is somewhere we can all gather & enjoy some down time with those who we want there. 

The music we are a little stuck on. We know the songs that will be played as the guests fill the ceremony room, when we sign the marriage document & when we all leave but I can’t decide what I want to walk into the room to. I’m leaning towards a classical piece I think...but my mind keeps changing. When we queried the music i.e. how long should each song be? Where will they have to start & stop each track? Do we provide the CD? Etc the response was somewhat ‘cold’.  She looked at us as though we were stupid & should know all the answers! She also informed me that it was our choice as to what part of the song I would walk in with. Later on we joked that my husband to be...the poor man, having to have me as his wife...would have to shout out ‘ACTION’ to let me know the point I can walk in the room! This is all down to his love, passion & occupation within knowing all about films, writing scripts & teaching dramatic arts. There is a producer in him without a doubt!

We have actually have our rings now & they are gorgeous! We chose exactly the same ones for each of us, the matching bands will symbolise us as husband & wife on the day & thereafter.

I believe the only thing left to do now is my fiancés suit. He is going to try on different ones to find the perfect one. To be honest I can’t wait to see him in a suit, for some reason I know he will look a million dollars in one.

So the guests are invited, witnesses chosen, my outfit done, rings brought, music half way there, suit just to buy. Check, check, check. 

Am I excited? Yes. Am I ready for it? I think so. Will I mean every word I say as I read out the vows we’ve chosen? Of course. Am I happy? Yes. Do I love this wonderful man? Hell yeah! 

I can’t wait until I become a Mrs & for me that signifies a lifelong commitment to the man I love & want to spend my life with. Day in, day out I will wake up each morning knowing my husband is there next to me...or in the next room if he has gotten up before me...filling me with joy & laughter as our lives enter a new phase. Our future isn’t mapped out but on our special day when we slide the rings on each other’s fingers it’s a new beginning for our future together as husband & wife.

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