Thursday, 19 January 2012


I’ve already broken my resolutions so I suck! I cannot believe that I can’t even keep to the ones I have already made!

I was reading an article the other day about writing out all the writing competitions you want to enter this year - thankfully the article also provided a good list at the end of some upcoming competitions - & then on this list you have to list the closing dates, entry fees, theme, prize money, which ones will be strong for you to enter, research the chosen ones, read all the rules & guidelines & then choose at least two to enter in to. 

Excellent idea I thought, yep I shall do all that & be proud that I have done it….have I done it?....nope! 

Useless I know. It’s stupid really. So now every day I am making a new pact with myself….that I need to kick my own butt & hard!

I need to sort out my desk so that it represents something a writer might well sit at rather than representing someone surrounded by so much stuff that I actually end up writing on my lap. 

I need organisation. That’s it. Simple. Something that I actually used to be really good at. I used to have boxes/files/books labelled & in some kind of order. Now it looks like something out of the borrowers where I’m storing items “just in case”.

I mean I’m a married grown up woman so where has my organisation skills gone? Did I leave them behind when I said my vows? 

At Christmas sitting around the table with family opening crackers, wearing the paper hats & telling the jokes I thought ‘yep 2012 will be different, I will be better organised, will actually do the resolutions I set myself & I will succeed. I already feel I have failed….

But I shall dust myself off & think well there’s still 11 more months to go in the year & surely by December I will have everything in files nicely labelled. If not then I will find some little borrowers to come in & take away my stuff for their pleasure.

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