Thursday, 19 January 2012


Recently I have been thinking about wills & the fact that I need to write one.

I’m not ill or dying. I’m not even 30 yet. But this has been plaguing me & now my husband.

I think it started sinking in when I got married. There was really no need to have one before. After all who would I leave my stuff to? Mind you I have nothing of value – only sentimental value…pictures/cards/books etc. – but my husband needs to know what to do with this stuff & what to do with me if I die before him.

However another thought came into my overworking brain. What if we have a child? I would then have to do a new will in order to leave items to him/her. Or should I wait until perhaps a child enters our life & do a will then?

Such probing questions, yet important ones that in fact are hard to answer. I need to look into all this in more detail & find out more information. It’s confusing at the best of times when we are living but it seems worse when we die. Knowing we need to leave instructions to others in what we want when we pass onto another world is tough.

It’s like an afterlife ‘to do list’ in some ways. Perhaps one aspect to it should be ‘don’t forget to the lock the door’ or ‘don’t forget a loaf of bread’. I wonder if anyone has actually ever left those kinds of humorous instructions following their death. It would break down the tension & grief in a room when the will was being read out.

So I shall go on thinking about my will & ponder what route is best to go down when writing my instructions following my death. Thankfully though I won’t need to add on my list ‘don’t forget to put the toilet seat down’. Now that would be amusing!


I’ve already broken my resolutions so I suck! I cannot believe that I can’t even keep to the ones I have already made!

I was reading an article the other day about writing out all the writing competitions you want to enter this year - thankfully the article also provided a good list at the end of some upcoming competitions - & then on this list you have to list the closing dates, entry fees, theme, prize money, which ones will be strong for you to enter, research the chosen ones, read all the rules & guidelines & then choose at least two to enter in to. 

Excellent idea I thought, yep I shall do all that & be proud that I have done it….have I done it?....nope! 

Useless I know. It’s stupid really. So now every day I am making a new pact with myself….that I need to kick my own butt & hard!

I need to sort out my desk so that it represents something a writer might well sit at rather than representing someone surrounded by so much stuff that I actually end up writing on my lap. 

I need organisation. That’s it. Simple. Something that I actually used to be really good at. I used to have boxes/files/books labelled & in some kind of order. Now it looks like something out of the borrowers where I’m storing items “just in case”.

I mean I’m a married grown up woman so where has my organisation skills gone? Did I leave them behind when I said my vows? 

At Christmas sitting around the table with family opening crackers, wearing the paper hats & telling the jokes I thought ‘yep 2012 will be different, I will be better organised, will actually do the resolutions I set myself & I will succeed. I already feel I have failed….

But I shall dust myself off & think well there’s still 11 more months to go in the year & surely by December I will have everything in files nicely labelled. If not then I will find some little borrowers to come in & take away my stuff for their pleasure.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

New Year Resolutions.

So I’ve made a pact with myself this year as I have realised how slack & bad I have become. 

I was thinking about New Year’s resolutions. Every year I make one or two then a week or so later I find myself breaking them!

This year I’m hoping will be different. I have a whole year to complete my resolutions in – that was a purely ‘blonde’ light bulb moment – so this year my resolutions will be: 

  1.  Stop smoking. This is a major one for me. I’ve tried giving up before & ended up turning to food before I decided ‘nah lets smoke again instead’ – stupid, stupid, stupid. So this year I’m gonna do it. I was advised by the doctor to give up slowly, expect slip ups but to trust in yourself. When you are ready then give up. With this though I’m also enlisting the help of Allen Carr’s Easy way book. I used it before & it did work but I was weak willed to give up properly. They always say it’s all in the head so now my head has to say no!
  2. Exercise. OK I know these first two are clich├ęs & are probably on most peoples lists but when I succeed at number 1 I’ll need number 2 to keep me sane & my mind occupied. So I’m gonna do Zumba classes. I love dancing & love music so I should love Zumba. Yes it will knacker me out but that’s good! (Probably won’t be able to walk the following day but that shall show that it worked!) I’m so cruel to my body.
  3. Write more. This I have slacked on. I feel bad in my mind for allowing my writing to slip away so easily. So I’m planning to write more, enter more competitions & try to get my writing out there…..which brings me to the next one….
  4. Blog every day. OK this can be a difficult one as anything could get in the way, but ideally I want to post a bit of writing every day. This will also get me back into the habit of writing which will be a good thing. If I post it up late I’m still gonna let it count…just…it is my resolution list.
  5. Join in on GBE2 more. I get the notifications of each theme but I fail to post something up. Well that’s gonna stop now! So I shall be aiming to get involved in GBE2 each week unless I have nothing to relate to a theme – mind you as a writer I should be able to come up with something!
  6. To buy & read my friends newly published book: Awakened: The Beginning. (which is available on Amazon Kindle) Oh yes I’m so proud of what she has achieved so I shall indeed buy that book & say ‘hey I know that author, she’s smashing & I helped her proof read the book’…had to get that last bit in lol. But I will not give away the ending…..
  7. Questions of the day. I’m gonna try & at least participate in A.H Browne’s QOTD They are thought provoking, debatable & also contain prizes! She is a good person to get your brain thinking every day.
  8. The one I keep saying each blooming year but this is it this year. To finish my degree. I was persuaded by a nice gentleman on the phone to perhaps think about adding the honours bit on the end of my degree – yes I do have my degree! – but of course typical me I’ve decided to put my mind through more gruelling thinking/analysing/reading etc to complete the honours classification…what am I thinking?! Oh well I’ve started & it’s going well actually, the reading is tough but it will all be worth it when I get that piece of paper.
  9. To actually answer my emails when they arrive in my inbox. I still have some wishing me a happy new year, oops I’m so bad!!

So there are my resolutions for a whole year……..wish me luck!