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Two Faces


Fearfully I look into the mirror
Behind the dust tells my story
Do I want to continue looking

My father looks back short and stocky
My Mothers tallness and skinny physique
My Sister with her black hair and sparkling blue eyes

All I see is eyes full of hurt
Past piercing on my lobes, holes still showing
My face shape unbeknown to me

The blonde hair, my prized possession, 
A kind sweet smile just like my Nan,
I realise Genes affect me in every way

I keep looking trying to see what face appears
As I dim the lights I see two faces
Mine now and the face of my past.

GBE 2 Confrontation


Psychic Night

I went to a psychic night the other evening. Now I do believe in these kinds of things but for some reason I held some reserve back for that evening. When I arrived with my sister in law, her friend & my husband we discovered the lady was running late having only just arrived – an hour later than planned – so we had to sit & wait….& obviously consume a couple of drinks!