GBE 2 Confrontation


I do not like confrontation. I can’t stand it & the only way I deal with awkward situations is to start giggling or to crack a joke. I never used to be like this. I would stand up to anyone anytime; it was part of my job & the job environment I was in. But over the years I’ve lost the need to stand up to people.

I will argue my point to people but if it gets too OTT then I will bail out. I have no idea where this bail out has come from or when it developed but I think it stems from getting too tried arguing with members of my family. It got to a point where I thought why the hell am I doing this, there’s no point as it never changes anything anyways.

Yet when someone ‘picks’ on a member of my family I will growl like a lioness & protect them. I had to do that a few months back with someone who was rude & disrespectful of a family member & they didn’t understand what they had done wrong & they believed everyone else was in the wrong & that they were right all along. I fought & fought. Loads of yelling phone calls later I was hung up on. Now that gets me going. I hate being hung up on for no reason. So more calls later the yelling stopped & since then I haven’t spoken to that person. I told them they not only owe my family members an apology but that they also owe me one for being rude & using me for information. When that call happens the first thing I want is an apology if it doesn’t come I shall politely end the call. If it comes I will explain why I bit & what they have done wrong over a period of time. (Believe me it would take a whole novel to write all about this one time).

All though that was a one off for me I hated the way I felt afterwards. I would prefer to write letters & explain my point of view as to why I feel the way I do about situations. It might be a lesser confident way out of confrontation but to me it works more effectively as you can say all you need to say rather than missing out bits when confronting someone or something. I need things written down so that I remember them all & that way it also gets it all out of your system & you are left to think of other more important things. 


  1. confrontations are hard. for sure. love the cup!

  2. @ danneromero, they sure are no matter who the confrontation may be with. Thanks for stopping...glad you liked the cup :o)

  3. I'm not a lover of confrontation either, I'd rather not if given the choice. But if left with no other choice I will confront and do it with reason and a tiny bit of Irish temper.

    And if it's about my family like you, my fuse is a bit shorter. However I've learned with age to pick my battles, I don't do it frivolously.

    1. I agree completely Jen, confrontation is such an 'ugly' thing to do towards anyone but I will do it when or if I need to.

      Thanks for comming by & commenting :o)


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