Thursday, 23 February 2012

Words, words words......and thanks.

OK so I feel bad for abandoning my readers & writing. I haven’t stopped writing though but in my usual way I’ve had a mad rush of having to write 4000 words in a few days. I left it too late – as usual - & then had to write extremely quickly to get this work done. It was important as it was my assignment; the first part of this meant writing 1200 words – easy I thought – not so when I am meant to write about all this research I’ve been embarking on the past month or two….ooops the research! Yikes mad dash ensued looking around the internet for the journals I needed & some intense reading & slight understanding of the academic language meant finally I could write up those words.

The second part was 2800 words, in which I had to write about the set text & the research, I had to answer a question about Gender & whether it’s a crucial factor in the text. Well I kept reading & re-reading the question & still couldn’t come up with an answer. To be honest I wanted to throw all my books, paper & pens out the window into the drizzly weather! Instead though I made a cup of tea, got some cookies & breathed. Then I retrieved my pen & started writing, finally I had written the words…..

Well that was until I began typing them up & realised that by a couple of pages in I had only reached about 990 words! Oh boy it was going to be a long day! But I kept going & going & by 8pm I had it all done, edited & sent off. The sigh that left my lungs was loud! I was so glad to have got it done…that was nearly a week ago & now I’m up to my neck in my next assignment! It never seems to want to stop ha.

But I felt I owe some apologies to those who have given me an award & left comments. I want to thank those kind writers & I shall do my write up’s & pass on the much deserved award.  

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Sweet award...come & collect yours

I have been given an irresistibly sweet award by Beth. I do not deserve this & I am blushing as I write this. Awards make me shy & nervous as I feel I should be more ‘on it’ when it comes to my writing than I have been of late.

Anyways in order for me to accept this award I now have to tell you 7 things about me that you may not know…if you know them then pretend you are hearing it for the first time (ha).

Ok so this first one is going to sound odd in this day & age or it may put me in a bad light but I do not & never will drive. I know I know you are probably going what??!! Right now but I dislike the roads, find that they are too busy & mad & that (sorry to all drivers here) drivers sometimes do not think when they get into their car. I walk everywhere & some of things I see drivers do amaze me! The other day I saw a woman with a child on lap in the front seat whilst her other half drove….crazy! It’s not right & makes me feel nervous. So walking is my mode of transport, it gives me daily exercise and gets my brain thinking as I notice things I wouldn’t have spotted in a car.

Second: I love the snow. Dislike the rain. Adore the sunshine and find autumn a strange season…it contains a mixture of beauty (colours/changes etc.) alongside awful weather. Autumn to me never really made sense in the way that it appears & goes just as quickly as it came to be replaced by freezing rain. In the UK we might as well have summer & winter as spring sometimes still feels like winter & autumn is winter (ha). Climate change….man there’s a big debating issue!

Thirdly: I love reading. I am a constant book buyer & have a pile of books under the bed that are in line to be read. Yet there are some books that I brought but I haven’t even read them…shameful. One day I will read them instead of buying new books but I find I’ll pick a book up, read the blurb know some of the reviews & think ‘oh yes I want to read that’ then by the time I get home I think ‘oh actually I don’t fancy reading that now’ & place it on the bookcase for another day!

Fourth: I had a poem published in a writer’s magazine before it folded…ok so the fact the magazine folded was not good but it was my first ever published work. But after that I stopped writing poetry, I haven’t written a poem in ages and yet now my fingers are itching towards writing poetry again. Maybe I should just get the words flowing.

Fifth: I am a chocoholic & proud of it (ha). Actually my chocoholic days are dying down. I do not eat as much chocolate as I used to as for some unknown strange reason I am slowly turning against it. It doesn’t taste the same or give me the same satisfaction anymore. OMG are my chocolate days over?! Maybe I need hypnotising to make me eat & enjoy it again!

Sixth:  I am a natural blonde with natural high & low lights (so a hairdresser once told me) but in the past 2 years it’s been getting darker & turning brown in colour. So I started dying it & am now discovering that as my roots grow out each time they are getting darker than before…how is that even possible??!! So now I dye it a bit more frequently which puts me total catch 22 if I want to keep my blonde hair!

Seventh: This is the first blogging award I have ever received. So I now have a challenge to try & get at least another one for my self-esteem & to make my readers adore my writing more.

So now i have to pass this award to others who i feel deserve it: 

Sunday, 5 February 2012

GBE 2 Website review.

Ok so this is going to be a quick review on a new addiction of mine. A website that has grabbed my attention & time....which is not a good thing ha!

The Million Pound Drop This gameshow is being shown on TV over here in the UK. It's addictive, amusing & generally a gamble. You start with a virtual million pounds that you have to gamble on questions. You have to leave one drop clear & can spread your money over the other answers. You play against a timer & can not therefore search for the answers on Google! This makes it harder as really you are just guessing the answers unless you really know the correct one. You can place all your money on a answer if you are really sure but that's the gamble. 

You can also play along live when it is being aired on TV but that means you don't move until the show is over as it's too addictive to leave your seat or laptop to even pee ha! 

Check it out & become a million pound drop they say can you beat the million pound drop???

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Timing: First Impressions.


Timing is everything & It occurred to me the other day about how people meet, what their first interaction was, who said what, what they wore & where they were. We meet people all the time. Throughout life people wander in & out: work colleagues, school friends, people you meet on the bus/train/on holiday/in a queue/in a pub/café/restaurant etc.

I always watch how people interact with each other when they meet, especially in a café or pub. It’s amusing watching customers come in & how staff interact with them. First impressions now seem to count even when you are eating or drinking. You are not going to go back somewhere if the person who serves you is always grumpy are you? It’s not appealing & definitely doesn’t help the atmosphere. 

So it was highly amusing when my husband reminded me recently about the time he first met me & what I did. Now this is embarrassing & when he told me I blushed, laughed & cringed thinking ‘OMG why did I do that…..

We had known each other 7-8 years before, there was always a spark there between us but I thought ‘no way would he be interested in me’, unfortunately we lost touch & I had no idea where he was or if he was with anyone. But with a bit of hunting I found him again…

I remember feeling extremely nervous when I phoned him. I had left a message with my number & he called me back - yes he called me – I was shaking in my voice & yet there he was cool as a cucumber! We arranged to meet as I wanted his professional opinion on some writing of mine & of course I was dying to see him!

Cue the day we met:

We had been constantly texting & when he arrived I was too nervous to even say hi. So what did I say instead when I opened the door? Cringe moment…

‘Do you like my hair? It’s changed a bit since you last saw me.’(along with hand to hair gestures as well!) OMG!! Right there. Bam. He should have turned & walked away & thought ‘yep she’s mad’ but he giggled & said ‘yes it has.’

Now to explain why this is cringing: I used to have longish blonde hair, then I got it all cut off into a pixie style, then I decided to grow it out again (I’m forever changing my hairstyles! Even now I cut it all off again…it’s a mad addiction I think!) so when he saw me I had a short bob type style where it was growing out. I mentioned it to him because….actually I have no idea why I said it…nerves I guess.

So there we were discussing my hair before I said ‘sorry, hi’ & hugged him. The rest of the day went well & I never made such a stupid comment again. The relationship went from there, we would text & or call each other every day, but it took months before we became an item then we were insperable. Two months into our relationship he asked me to marry him. I knew it was right, it felt right, I loved him & still do love him. I still get those silly nervous butterflies when we go out together or when I wake in the morning & see his face. Something must have impressed him that day & I’m sure it wasn’t my OMG moment. We have been married four months now & it goes to show timing is everything when we first meet someone. What I know for sure is that I shall never make a cringing comment again.