Words, words words......and thanks.

OK so I feel bad for abandoning my readers & writing. I haven’t stopped writing though but in my usual way I’ve had a mad rush of having to write 4000 words in a few days. I left it too late – as usual - & then had to write extremely quickly to get this work done. It was important as it was my assignment; the first part of this meant writing 1200 words – easy I thought – not so when I am meant to write about all this research I’ve been embarking on the past month or two….ooops the research! Yikes mad dash ensued looking around the internet for the journals I needed & some intense reading & slight understanding of the academic language meant finally I could write up those words.

The second part was 2800 words, in which I had to write about the set text & the research, I had to answer a question about Gender & whether it’s a crucial factor in the text. Well I kept reading & re-reading the question & still couldn’t come up with an answer. To be honest I wanted to throw all my books, paper & pens out the window into the drizzly weather! Instead though I made a cup of tea, got some cookies & breathed. Then I retrieved my pen & started writing, finally I had written the words…..

Well that was until I began typing them up & realised that by a couple of pages in I had only reached about 990 words! Oh boy it was going to be a long day! But I kept going & going & by 8pm I had it all done, edited & sent off. The sigh that left my lungs was loud! I was so glad to have got it done…that was nearly a week ago & now I’m up to my neck in my next assignment! It never seems to want to stop ha.

But I felt I owe some apologies to those who have given me an award & left comments. I want to thank those kind writers & I shall do my write up’s & pass on the much deserved award.  


  1. Work assignment, or as a student assignment? You sound exhausted. Glad you fit in a bit of relaxation.

  2. Thanks danneromero. It's a student assignment that is going towards my honours degree :o) I'll be glad to get it all done in the end. I'm now working on Rebecca & Poetry by Frank O'Hara by comparing them & deciding on the 'readership' of these forms....great fun lol.


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