GBE 2 Website review.

Ok so this is going to be a quick review on a new addiction of mine. A website that has grabbed my attention & time....which is not a good thing ha!

The Million Pound Drop This gameshow is being shown on TV over here in the UK. It's addictive, amusing & generally a gamble. You start with a virtual million pounds that you have to gamble on questions. You have to leave one drop clear & can spread your money over the other answers. You play against a timer & can not therefore search for the answers on Google! This makes it harder as really you are just guessing the answers unless you really know the correct one. You can place all your money on a answer if you are really sure but that's the gamble. 

You can also play along live when it is being aired on TV but that means you don't move until the show is over as it's too addictive to leave your seat or laptop to even pee ha! 

Check it out & become a million pound drop they say can you beat the million pound drop???


  1. I'd likely get addicted quickly. I'm a sucker for online games--Bejeweled Blitz (on Facebook) is SOOOO tempting. ;O)

  2. @Word Nerd....ooooooh i loved Bejeweled Blitz! That was way too addictive. I'm just like you with other favourite at the moment is angry birds...all you do is 'sling' birds at buildings & alien type heads to try & complete the levels but oh my gosh it takes up way too many hours lol. :)

  3. I've never played Angry Birds...though you know me, I'm sure I'd be hooked!

    Oh, and just in time for Valentine’s Day, please clickety click for your award. :O)

  4. Thank you Beth soooooo kind of you to reward me *blushes* :o)(you can get angry birds on an iphone/android/smartphone as well so it means for me extra playing/addiction time lol!)


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