GBE 2 The Bakery


The Bakery

Ok so I love cakes! I have a really bad sweet tooth & love the idea of nothing better than eating a freshly baked cake. Yum!!

I also find myself having a grumbling tummy as I smell freshly cooked bread. What is it about warm bread that makes your mouth water & your stomach cry out for food? A nice hot roll filled with butter that starts to melt & a filling that just makes you sigh with delight…

It was always a Saturday treat for me when I was a child to go to the local bakery & choose a cake. My mum would drag me around the shops to do bits of shopping & then voila the bakery would be the last stop before going home. I always knew this was going to happen but it still didn’t stop me dreading the shopping bit before hand.

I would run up to the window & stare in wonder at the range of delicious cakes on offer tempting me with their fresh cream, running jam, soft fruits, cold custard, sticky sugars & wobbly marshmallow.

My favourite cake as a child was this cone filled with the wobbly marshmallow & hundreds & thousands sprinkled on top. Heaven! Then I realised it never really lasted that long & I would still crave something sweeter. Each week I would kick myself for not choosing something else.

I then discovered a cake that OMG was sooooo nice. A long finger doughnut with cream & jam running down the middle & then as an extra delicious treat they would sometimes have the hundreds & thousands sprinkled on top! Pure bliss.

I do seem drawn to any cake counter, be it ones in the supermarkets in boxes or in a bakery. I love the choice on offer but it also confuses the hell out of me when trying to decide what I may fancy at that particular moment or perhaps in a few hours time.

Now however I’m trying to be good…well for at least… lets see perhaps 85% of the time. This is because I do not want those cakes to suddenly appear in some unknown place on my body in the shape of some fatty horrible extra bit of skin/flesh/muscle etc. I’m not on a diet but I am trying to be better at not turning to the cake counter when I have a sweet tooth or craving for that cream filled doughnut.

But seeing as I currently have a small box of Lemon drizzle slices in the cupboard, that keep calling my name. I’m trying my best not to give in to their soft sponge, lemon flavourings & beautifully iced tops that you know full well make your mouth water the minute they are placed on a plate in front of you & as your fingers begin to stretch out towards that lovely plateful you think ‘oh I’ll just have the one’ but before long two or three have ‘suddenly’ disappeared!

Nope I shall not give in…

They shall not win….

Oh go on then I’ll have just the one…

or perhaps two just to stop the craving...  


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