Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Wedding day bliss

I'm now a married woman. Yey to me! The day was perfect in every way possible. I thought I’d be the nervous 'bridezilla' but I was in fact so chilled I surprised myself!

We had a lovely morning walk along the seafront with my now sister in law carrying the most GORGEOUS cake she had decorated for us in our colours. We dropped it off at the venue & fixed the feathers & hearts to the top of it then went & grabbed a coffee. I was watch checking thinking “oh I have to shower, do my make-up, hair & get dressed”.

We got back to the hotel & I begun my regime of getting ready. Make-up went on perfectly, my hair was gorgeous finally staying in place & then I slipped my dress on. It was wonderful. I even placed the garter on my leg (that I'd been given as a gift the night before by my sister in law) & felt naughty...trouble was I felt embarrassed as well as I knew it would be there as my dad walked me into the room! * shudders * My husband went & got himself ready as I made sure we had the rings, the music & that the taxi was booked. Everything was falling into place nicely & together we looked fabulous.

Our anniversary cards sat on the table waiting for us to exchange when we got back (we were actually getting married on our 1 year anniversary. We jumped into the cab & were on our way to be married.

We arrived at the town hall & my family were already there waiting, smartly dressed, beaming smiles & I found myself with tears in my eyes as I hugged them. That's when the nerves set in! I thought “omg now I’m nervous”. More people began to arrive, hugs & kisses were exchanged then we wandered off to check all the details were in place. Then we were allowed to begin our ceremony...

I had to sit in a separate room with my dad who being fatherly said to me “are you sure about all this?” I said “hell yeah I am.” then when we were informed we could enter the room he said “we could always do a runner now just you & me if you want?” I just laughed & imagined my mum hobbling after us in her leg cast from her recent operation. I said “no I wanna do this, I’m ready.” Suddenly all my nerves had gone. I was getting married!!

My dad & I walked into the room to the chilled out music we had selected & I didn't realise that everyone had been asked to stand & applause as we walked in, much to the embarrassment of my dad – bless him. The camera flashes begun as I sat next to my one true love. We held hands throughout knowing it was completely right.

We were thrilled & as we exchanged vows & rings we couldn't help but grin at each other. U stuttered once slightly but I think that was because I just wanted to laugh out loud at the fact that the day had finally arrived.

Everyone clapped as the ceremony drew to a close & as we signed the register the cameras started again – the poor registar had to tell people to for 'legal reasons' – wtf? Who would really want to zoom in on our signatures??

We did the posing pictures which to honest is not us – we both hate posing for pictures but of course we did it & looking at some of the pictures some awful ones came out in the posing process! Then our guests were lined up to congratulate us as they walked out of the double doors. It was quite amusing as people filed out kissing & hugging us whilst also trying to take more pictures. It felt very surreal & again all I wanted to do was laugh! My cheeks were hurting from all the smiling & I hadn't even got to the after venue yet.

We came out of the doors as husband & wife to throwing of confetti – which landed down my dress! As more pictures were taken before we led the group of guests to the one knew where we were going until we took them there. So we all walked to the venue & entered it as newly weds. The balloons had been put up & the cake was out on the table. The staff were fantastic, very welcoming & couldn't do enough for us.

We all got our drinks & had a few rounds before cutting the cake. My sister in law had brought a firework type of candle to light on the top of it. It took a few goes to light it but once it was lit it looked fantastic. Yet much to the amusement of everyone we actually managed to set the fire alarms off twice!! At least we all knew they worked.

It was fabulous & as we cut the cake everyone was eager to have a slice. We had sandwiches as well & then after a fair few hours people began to leave. The day was drawing to a close...or so I thought.

Instead along with my husband, sister in law, nephew, brother in law & my husband's best friend we all stayed on having a few more drinks & dinner together! It was quite amusing eating sausage & mash on our wedding day! But it was a perfect ending to the day. Then though we moved onto a local American diner where we played pool, drunk milkshakes & beer whilst laughing, laughing & laughing!

After that we said goodbye & headed to our hotel where we were greeted by a huge gorgeous bunch of white roses! My sister in law remembered my favourite flower & had arranged for them to be put in the room for when we returned. She's a diamond! She had even said to my husband that he could 'pretend' they were from him if he wanted. Awww.

We got changed out of our bride & groom outfits, laid out on the bed & opened our cards. We talked for a while while listening to music...then fell asleep!! We were so tired we actually slept lol.

The following morning we woke to breakfast in bed & as I looked over to my husband I thought “wow life can not get any better than this...”

The week before I say "I Do"

A week before I was due to get married I was a nervous fool. My main concern was was that my fiancé would be well on the day. He had been told he had a form of viral pneumonia & was put on antibiotics to try & clear it up. I was praying he would be well on the wedding day & was butt kicking him to rest up loads.

I had been making list upon list the few weeks before the wedding & yet I still kept forgetting things when I was in the shops! That meant numerous back & forth to the same shops to buy extra things. The staff must have been thinking “oh no not her again!”

I brought balloons a few days before & found the perfect coloured ones. They matched our colour theme but omg it took some hunting to find them! You can buy packs of multi coloured ones but when you only need one specific colour it's impossible to find! I definitely didn't need bright pinks/greens/yellows or orange ones. But tucked away in the corner of one shop there they were. I was like a smiling child!

The next step was underwear. I thought that would be the easiest thing to buy. I know my sizes for a bra etc but walking into a women’s lingerie department I began to panic. I knew I needed white but did I want: lace/padded/under wired/patterned/plain/straps/strapless/t-shirt shaped/full cupped? It's bonkers! So I did a sensible thing & asked for assistance. She measured me& told me I was bigger than what I was actually wearing. So for a while I’ve been wearing the wrong size anyway. Perfect!

So I wandered around with this lady trying to select bras. First she led me to the bridal section suggesting I pay £30 plus for one bra! Why? I just needed a strapless bra to go under THE dress. I didn't need one where you can remove this & that or add this & that with pretty patterns on. I'm a girl who likes simple things. I don't need fancy underwear on my wedding day. I wanted something comfy but nice. It wasn't like all the guests were going to see it!

I informed the lady it was a white dress that you could slightly see through therefore I needed white undies & a white bra. That was my first faux par! DO NOT wear white undies under a white dress. She told me in no uncertain terms that everyone would see it. OMG. I didn't want that, imagine the pictures! So she said only wear cream or ivory. Everyone thinks white dresses = white undies. But it's wrong. So I had to start my search all over again. I finally found some styles I liked & in the correct size that she had said I was & off I popped to try them on.

Next came her faux par...they were too big! Because I needed strapless they obviously had to be tightly fitted in the cup area. These were not. So I got changed & went out & selected the size I thought I was. In the changing rooms I took everything off (again), put the bra on & found yep it was also still too big. I was boiling hot & sweating as I put on & took off every layer of they really need to put heating on in changing rooms in the summer??

So there I was sweating in a pair of jeans & a bra that was still too big! The lady comes along to ask how I was doing & I explain the dilemma. Her suggestion... Drop a size completely. WTF?? She goes off & finds me another bra that is whole size & cup smaller. It made me awful. One minute I’m being told I’m bigger than what I thought, the next I’m being told I need a whole size smaller. I wanted to be praised instead of being handed a smaller bra.

I took the bra from her & thought “there's no way I’m going to fit into that, I’ll be all squashed up” but as I put it on I realised it fitted me perfectly...damn that woman! So I stood there admiring how good I looked in this bra & thought I don't actually mind the smaller size if it fits that perfectly. It held me in everywhere & wasn't baggy in any area.

I brought it there & then...well after I’d put my clothes back on...& felt pleased with the purchase, but as I walked out the shop panic set in – what if it did actually show under the dress? I rushed home & tried everything on. It was magical. The lady was right – ivory/cream works wonders under white. A lesson I learned & shall pass on to all women.

We had also finally sorted out our music selection. It's one of those things you can spend months & months thinking about with constant mind changes, then when you finally have a time frame on when you have to make a decision it all falls in to place & you go “oh yeah those were the choices we had decided on first thing”.

So my outfit was sorted. I had chosen my jewellery. I also had the most gorgeous bag courtesy of my sister in law (to be), it was the perfect colour & has my favourite flower on it. So the music was done, balloons were brought, the cake was sorted & catered for with those with dietary you know you can now buy diabetic cake! Wow times have changed. After venue was booked, final check list was sent off to the registry office & my fianc√© had even got his suit – there was mild panic from me saying “um we have two weeks to go can we please go & find a suit”.

It was great. He went in, got measured & there was one left in his size. Plus we even managed to get discounts off it as well. It looked gorgeous on him, actually he looked like a film star – quite fitting seeing as he is a script writer! The shirts were on order & I was praying they would be in on time.

The only thing I was waiting for was for my fiance to get better & be well enough on the day. All the family were sending well wishes & telling him to rest up & sleep. I did have to explain how difficult it was to tell someone that when all they wanted to is get out & about. Perhaps I should have got the frying pan out & knocked him out for a few days in order to insist he rested up.