I'm back

I've noticed recently that my passion has begun to be awakened again. My love of the written word has been slowly creeping back into mind.

I have fallen behind so much with my writing & my blog. I wanted to share my story of surviving domestic violence, but I guess at the time it was all still to raw for me. I had so much to say but my confidence had sunk so much, I just couldn't get those words out.

But now I can. I've worked on myself, I've become the strong, confident woman I used to be many moons ago. It's taken time but that time has given me such amazing experiences.

So my story will be shared. My written words will come alive again & I shall use these pages to talk to everyone again.


  1. Out blog walking and found myself here, given what's going on right now in our country, your story is timely. I hope you're doing well and will come back and write your story. Please sing out if you do so I'll know to come back and ready your blog.


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