Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Looking One Year Ahead

'One Year Ago.'

I like Beth's take on this topic. I had been thinking about the past year but realised that although a lot has happened - getting engaged, planning the wedding & then getting married - they are obviously all very important & special things to occur within one year, but I got thinking thanks to Beth about what I hope will happen in the coming year. September 2011 - September 2012.

My FiancĂ© (ok husband by the end of September 2011) & I have been thinking about the future & what we want to achieve within the next year…

The first stepping stone is for us to say our vows to one another & for me not to faint in the middle of the ceremony lol! Then to enjoy our honeymoon, relaxing, eating, reading lol, taking lots of pictures & hoping to remember to pack everything I need!

The main achievement for us as a married couple is to move somewhere permanently. We have a couple of ideas up our sleeve that we shall be exploring as Mr & Mrs, we want to find a place that is going to be better for us, to give us a better way of life & somewhere that has plenty of opportunities for us work wise & life wise. It’s actually exciting wondering what the first few months of husband & wife will hold for us.

This time next year (2012) I will have gained my honours degree!! Which will be a great achievement for me considering I thought I’d never complete a degree full stop…mind you having just read the assignment questions I think I might be rethinking how I approach this course & start panicking now!

I also hope to have many short stories & poems published. I always forget I’m a published poet but I would like to see my name in print more frequently. I will also be working on a couple of novel ideas that I have up my sleeve & perhaps finally learn how to self-publish….maybe that’s how I should/will publish my short stories & poems??

Within the next year there could in fact be many possibilities. I know one thing for sure. I shall be happily married & living somewhere that gives us both a settled, joyful existence filled with many opportunities. I know I will be lucky to achieve even a slight portion of the above or even if all of it does happen then I shall be dancing like a mad person round the room with a huge grin!