A-Z Reflections Post

I’ve spotted that most people have been writing their reflection posts on the A-Z challenge. So I thought I’d better get my ass in gear & write mine.

I loved the challenge, I enjoyed the idea of blogging everyday & having an excuse to actually write & get something out into the world. Every day I wrote longhand first in my notebook then typed it up & posted it. My posts seemed to be so much cleverer sounding this way than if I’d just written them straight up lol.

I settled on a theme for my posts as I knew I’d probably end up rambling on about anything & everything, so I chose to write about food & drink. Excellent & easy I thought. Oh how wrong I was.

It was fun, exciting & interesting but also very challenging especially when my internet decided to let me down for over a week. That annoyed the hell out of me but I came back fighting & flooded my poor readers with more posts to go through than even I would manage to read!

I met some wonderful people through the challenge who were kind enough to comment on my posts & I gained some new followers! Yay me! I’ve enjoyed receiving the comments & reading their work, there are some fantastic blogs out there! (Scroll down my list to find some new blogs to read & show them some love).

My only problem with the challenge was trying to read all the blogs that had entered. I know a few people were trying to read them all before the month was up. But for me that won’t happen, instead I’m going to potter over them in my own time, taking it all in then leaving a lovely comment :o) I want to see how others embraced the challenge & I do feel guilty for not following them all from the start, but as we all know there are only so many hours in a day & so much battery life my poor phone could handle when the internet saga began!

Technology let me down at a crucial point but I’m pleased I finished the challenge even if I slightly bent the rules. Would I do it again? Most definitely, but now I know this challenge exists (this was my first time & I only discovered it a few days before it started) I will plan ahead. I will dedicate time to pre-writing the posts before next April & then I’ll be ahead of any problems they may crop up…so take that Mr Internet Company!!

I will be brave & embark on this journey next year & the year after that & hopefully the year after that as well & along the way I hope to meet more wonderful people who enjoy my writing & wish to follow future posts.

Thank you to all my readers, followers, new friends & of course the A-Z Team who without them this challenge would not exist. So here’s to next year *raises a glass of water as the Pimms & Wine went to her head* :o)


  1. Good for you, well done! Glad you enjoyed it and congrats on finishing.

    1. Thank you Jen what a thrilling ride it was :o)


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