Butt kicking time

OK I shall allow all my readers & followers to kick my butt. I've been away for far too long & have not even had the chance to reply to the lovely comments that my readers have left.

Last month I started a new job in a local charity shop (I'm now the new assistant manager) & to be honest this is the first time I have felt human enough to sit at my poorly missed netbook & write. (big awww). It's been great starting the job & I'm loving every minute of it but my poor brain & energy had sizzled. I don't think I have ever slept so much on my days off lol! It's physical, fun & i get to meet lovely but interesting characters.

But by starting the job I have neglected my writing & those who read this blog. So this was my way of saying sorry & to let people know I haven't disappeared lol.

I have also, in between working, managed to finish my degree...woohoo!! I should get my final result for the honours classification in August, so I shall be nervously biting my nails & checking the website everyday lol! Hence it has been a crazy, busy month.

Thankfully though I remembered Father's day & managed to send a gift & card to my dad...who has become a technology geek :o) it's actually quite funny as before he had trouble even texting people, but now he downloads apps, instant messages me & can upload photos & send them in an email! Way to go dad lol. Bless him, he has been getting excited telling me about all these new things he can do ha! I'm so proud of him.

I also want to say how proud I am of A.H. Browne for getting her other book published online... http://www.ahbrowne.com/2012/06/free-download-weekend-dragons-dawn.html#comment-form she is also offering free downloads of her book on certain days so go grab her book & have a good read :o)

I will have to keep up with my writing now & I might just add some amusing stories of the shop along the way. There must be a book in there somewhere lol. :o)


  1. No need for butt-kicking! You just are busy bee girl. :) I had to stop blogging all the time myself. Cut back on things, try to focus more entirely on writing and all that so I'm same way. :) Good to hear that the job is going so well!! Yay!

    Thanks for the pimp-age! My lil' pimp girl, you. Oh geez, I almost wrote pinup girl. hahahaha

  2. Well done for finishing your degree and good luck with the result.

  3. Congratulations on finishing your degree.


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