I’ve now become a friendly observer of visiting felines into the (overgrown) garden. Having moved from a first floor flat into a ground floor one complete with own garden, I forgot how often cats visit other peoples gardens when living down a quiet street. I don’t mind this, having been a cat owner & when the time is right my fiancé & I shall own cats, yet I love watching these felines creep into the long grass for a good lie down in the shade.

So far I seem to have invited one very fluffy cat – dread to think what the owner’s house is like when it moults – who although was very nervous when it first appeared & I tried to approach it, now seems to have accepted that I am a friendly human being that when approached will stroke this fluffy cat. So I have now set a hobby for this poor cat that if I am standing outside & its out & about it will come over & start rubbing against my legs wanting attention!

However there is one cat that appears to have adopted a certain spot in the garden. That’s all fine until you go out & it decides ‘nope I’m not hanging around here’ & darts off some place else. It’s obviously petrified of humans but it’s happy to have made a little afternoon home in our garden & potter about of its own free will.

I don’t mind these different moggies popping by for a little visit, I just hope they become friendly enough so that when I finally go & attack the garden with my shears to keep it in some respectable order they won’t then 1. Really hate me & 2. Never visit again….perhaps I should leave them one little hiding place in the corner.


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