A favourite author??

Favourite author? is the 2nd prompt on http://nablopomo.blogher.com/

As with the book prompt I tend to have many favourite authors as I don’t stick to one set genre. I like to read a broad range of books/authors to be able to get a feel for how that writer writes & allows the readers into the pages & their evolving stories.

So seeing as I cant decide on one set author I’m going to list a few of my favourites in some of the different genres I enjoy reading…


James Patterson – Alex Cross series.

Chick Lit/Romance:

Katie Fforde
Milly Johnson
Nicholas Sparks


Turgenev – Fathers and Sons (thanks to one of the courses I studied I love this book!)
Daphne du Maurier – Rebecca
Steinbeck – Of Mice and Men


Lisa Lynch – The C Word – a real account of someone going through being diagnosed with breast cancer & the traumas that followed.


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