Places to read.

Another prompt for this week is: Where is your favourite place to read?

My favourite place to read would have to be one of two places:

I normally read either curled up on the sofa, feet tucked beneath me with a good book that completely captures my mind whilst I block out the surrounding sounds around me.

Or the other place I read is tucked up & snuggled up in bed. I rest the book on my body or hold it way above my head, my arms ending up at odd angles whilst trying to turn the page. I end up twisting & turning trying my best to get comfy as I become engrossed in the story unfolding.

Reading in bed is more relaxing I find but it’s not good for my body, as I lay in the most strangest of angles to get the best light & to make sure my arms don’t go dead as I turn another page. But I will not be persuaded by getting a Kindle yet though. I still love trying to balance a book on my arm or above my head & I love trying to be quite as I turn a page so that it doesn’t crinkle or make a sound while my fiancé sleeps.


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