Slipping into a book.

 Have you ever wished you could enter a book? is the 3rd prompt on

All the time!

I love escaping into the pages of a good book & being able to explore the world the writer has opened up for me to indulge in.

I enjoy sensing & realising the smells, feelings, emotions, tastes, the hustle of being on the street, the thrills of speeding in a car chase or trotting along in a horse & carriage down an isolated country lane, actually hearing those sirens in the background or the seagulls soaring over the crashing waves etc.

Being able to search deep into the characters mind, touch what they touch, sense what they sense & feel how they feel when embarking on each step within the novel…

…It excites me, lets me escape & allows me to enter a whole new world, one that I never knew existed or could only exist in your imagination.

Even 10 years ago when Harry Potter came out I wanted to be one of those older wizards…

…Swishing a wand around turning people into toads etc, fighting off evil & getting into flying cars sounded fun & exciting.

Harry Potter gave people a sense of enjoyment in a non realistic way allowing readers pure escapism through pages of a gripping fictional story & as readers we get a feel for the characters emotions as they grow up, standing by them through the funny times & emotional times.

It’s just the same as many other books & this is what makes us sink into those pages time & time again. It’s not just the story being told but its how it’s being told & the characters lives that open up to us which allows the readers to sink into the pages one by one begging us to read on & on.

I find it quite easy to switch off & allow a book to grab my whole attention. I won’t hear ‘other’ noises & I certainly won’t pay attention to my fiancé, which tends to mean there are a lot of ‘huhs’ & ‘did you say anything just then?’ although this may be annoying to him it can be quite amusing to me.


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