Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Owning books.

One of prompts this week is: Do you prefer to own books or borrow them from a friend or the library?

This is quite easy for me to answer actually. I love owning books. I have to stop myself continually buying more books. The bookcases are full at the moment & I’ve read nearly every one of them, some even more than once.

I think I have a book addiction. I am a book addict! If there’s a book that I keep seeing reviewed I have to have it. If one comes free with a glossy magazine then it’s mine.

The trouble with this though is that I have problem getting rid of books. Ones I haven’t enjoyed I’ll happily give away to a charity shop no problem there, but ones I’ve enjoyed or perhaps having got pass the first chapter yet I won’t get rid of. What if I want to read it again? 

My partner keeps saying “you’ve got too many books, you won’t read them again.” But my answer is that I might. One day. You never know. What if we had a power cut or if I was laid up in bed & therefore would need plenty of books for entertainment. I even have a pile next to the bed which I keep saying I will get round to reading, but then I’ll go & buy a new book & read that instead, so the pile continues to grow & begs for me to read them.

Yes it would be cheaper to borrow them from friends or a library but if I really liked a certain book then I wouldn’t return it or I’d have to go out & buy it anyway. I love entering libraries & glancing through all the books, I just don’t like having a time scale on when I should return a book. I want to take my time & enjoy reading it or perhaps even read it a second time round straight away. 

Books on shelves look great, colourful & show you love reading, but it also houses what you love as a hobby...books. I have a collection I know I should actually sell as they are rather old & should be enjoyed by others or a collector. I know I need to make enquiries about them as it’s a waste to just have them sitting there gathering dust. Plus I guess that by selling them I’d free up space for newer books...ooh there’s an where’s my camera to snap the collection in the best light?...

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