Paperback or an e-reader?

Another prompt on:  was: Do you prefer paper books or e-readers?

Seeing as I do not own an e-reader device I have always stuck to reading paper books. I like the idea of holding a book & flipping over the pages. I like browsing charity shops for books I may not have read or want to read & forgot to buy when it came out new. I like the idea of knowing that others have enjoyed reading the words on each page before me & that when I take it back to a charity shop I know that someone else will go on to enjoy it.

As a writer I love dreaming of one day having a book published & seeing it with my name printed on the spine sitting in bookshops for people to enjoy.

But I am beginning to understand the digital age & the idea that many things can come from e-publishing. I was reading an article the other day about the opportunities for authors to now publish their short stories/poems/articles through the kindle store so that more readers can gain access to different author’s work much more easily than buying magazines they may feature in.

This actually began to appeal to me. I started to wonder if e-publishing my own short stories was the way to go as with the digital age growing rapidly around us this now seems a very viable option to many authors.

I have since discovered that my new phone now allows me to read e-books. This may actually sway me all the more towards e-publishing & e-reading...well once I work out how to install & work the app that is!


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