Writer's Instinct


Wow I’m on a roll with all this writing in one day.

Maybe my instinct has told me to kick my own butt & get on with it?

My notepad at the moment is full of ideas/sentences/descriptions etc that I have finally made myself put down on paper. Instinct is telling me I need to get a move on with my writing & start producing stories that would even appeal to me if I was the reader.

The trouble is at the moment I’m becoming easily distracted. Perhaps it’s the gorgeous weather the UK has finally received…much to the hatred of my now sunburnt skin!

Or perhaps too much is on my mind in other areas that the writer in me will assume I’ll pick up where I left of once I actually sit my butt down & write. The problem with that of course is the fact that someone might come up with your light-bulb idea & beat you to the post especially if you don’t spend time writing nearly everyday.

The major flaw though is that if you classify yourself as a writer than you must write! No one can do it for you & words won’t magically appear on the screen unless you type them & put your stamp & voice on those words.

So maybe my gut instinct has finally kicked in & is urging me to get on with what I enjoy doing the most…putting the pen to the gorgeous notepad I have which is gathering a bit of dust…& rather than jotting down ideas & notes my instinct is to now put those ideas into words & create something worthy of being shown to the world…

…Well that’s the plan…fingers crossed it will work & I won’t suddenly get writers block!


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