To meet or not to meet?

Which character would you most like to meet? is the 4th prompt on

As a TV character I would love to meet Jessica from Murder She Wrote & ask her ‘why is it every place you go to there’s a murderer that follows you?’ & to also say ‘I’d never invite you to a dinner party or a holiday!’

Ok so I’m joking with that one as I know its part of the crime genre to have a killer wherever a crime novelist goes in order that she can write her next novel by using those characters & solve the crime. So I guess I don’t actually know a serious answer to this question.

I’d love to meet many different characters from the numerous books I’ve read but I suppose more recently in a novel it would have to be Mrs de Winter in the novel Rebecca as I would want to honestly kick her butt & say ‘hey pull yourself together & be stronger from the start. Be a woman, show strength, wisdom & individuality.’

However that also wouldn’t work because if that actually came about in her characterisation early on then there would not actually be any story to tell. At least by the end she comes about in a tower of strength & kicks ass in a ‘comic book’ woman kind of way…that’s the only way to really describe it from my point of view…I know I wont be able to actually write that in my assignment though!

I guess even by this answer I can’t actually answer the question properly. Its one of those that perhaps needs a longer thought process or for me to re-read all my books & make notes on each character, or knowing my luck by the time I put this up I’ll suddenly go ‘oh damn that’s the character I’d most like to meet’ & come up with the light bulb moment of a correct answer!


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