My favourite book

I have a week of catch up posts to be done. I joined NaBloPoMo a while ago & never got round to completing their prompts…you are meant to write each day based on a daily prompt. As a writer I have been bad in that respect as I haven’t written anything at all relating to the prompts. So I now have to combine 5 days worth in 5 different posts!

So for the first post the prompt is: What is your favourite book? 

This is actually very tough to decide on. I tend to read way too much to make a definite decision and plus with my courses for my degree & the set books they insist we read makes it even tougher to nail down one favourite book.

However having just read for the first time EVER Rebecca I must say I loved it…apart from the ending that is, where I felt disappointed as a reader & felt I’d been left out to dry. It didn’t end in the way I’d expected & to be honest I even turned the page thinking there was a final missing chapter! I wanted more yet at the same time I was also satisfied in a strange way.

As a writer I don’t think you have just one favourite book. You tend to read one book that you think is fantastic but that then leads you on to another where you think OMG that was great too.

It is too difficult to find that one book that stays with you throughout the years. I could talk endlessly about many books but to make one choice…I would have to say it’s impossible…as would the bookcases that hoard the many books I have!


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