Angel Delight

I’ve been thinking about different ways of doing the April A-Z challenge I thought about combining it with the poetry month over at NaBloPoMo but I knew I’d probably get stuck by the end of the alphabet. Then I wondered about doing a food & drink A-Z which might turn into a bit of a giggle when I get to Z.

So having done a Google search ahead of time…I know I’m a cheat…or a good researcher…I’ve decided to try my hand at a food & drink A-Z for April. If I fail then I fail, if not then hopefully it will be a giggle along the way & when I’ve completed it (fingers crossed) then I can jump for joy & knowing my luck probably end up going off food & drink for life…

‘A’ is for apple…only joking as that for me is too obvious & reminds me of my school days learning the alphabet…When I looked up food beginning with ‘A’ a whole host of ideas came up & I scrolled up & down this list one jumped out at me & literally made me LOL.

Angel Delight…

Now I remember as a child during the summer time our fridge was packed with this dessert in tiny dishes: Strawberry/chocolate/banana flavours because for strange reason my mum, my sister & I loved these. They smelled great, were extra sweet & delicious. But I probably shouldn’t have been eating such a sweet dessert over years just because I loved it.

That’s where the trouble lies, especially for me, something that I like, enjoy & eat over a period of time suddenly becomes horrible to me years down the line. I just can’t eat these now as I indulged too much as a child & now I find them too sweet. But when I think about this dessert I realise I can still smell the banana flavouring creeping up my nose as I imagine taking a delicately sweet mouthful of whipped up delight.


  1. Mmm. . . .a food and drink theme. Sounds like you are going to have some very tasty A to Z Challenge posts. :)

    Good luck!

    Sarah @ The Writer's Experiment

  2. Thank you will be a interesting challenge trying to find all foods & drinks relating to a letter lol.


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