Tea. I am a tea-oholic. I love my cuppas. They can’t be too strong & definitely can’t be too milky. They have to look medium in strength & then it tastes divine. I used to drink too many cuppas in a day; I would constantly have my cup topped up & think “ooh I’ll just have one more”. I could never get enough of tea but then I suffered from not sleeping because of the caffeine. Catch 22. You love a good cuppa but have too many & you can’t sleep.

I’ve cut down my consumption but sometimes I do crave just one more. I am never bothered as to what tea I drink; I have a cheap branded teabag or a nice PG tip. To me it doesn’t matter & it seems to taste the same. However the other day we got a good bargain on Twinning’s tea. Now there’s a brand that tastes wonderful. Yes I can tell when I’ve had a Twinning’s but normally this brand is so expensive hence this bargain could not be missed. What’s the point of spending £3-£4 on a box when I can get more in a box of a cheaper brand for about £1? No brainer.

But when I got the Twinning’s & put that first teabag in a cup & took the first sip I realised how good the stuff really is. Now I’m addicted again ha! But seriously it annoys me how with an expensive brand you feel like you can’t keep using or drinking it as it spoils you & then you know you’ll miss it when it’s all gone!

I remember discussing tea making with a few people once & the same debates kept coming up: do you put milk in first then add water? Do you put water in first then add milk? Sugar before milk/water or after? Do you let it brew in your cup before adding milk?

For me the answers are simple: put the teabag & sugar in the cup while the kettle is boiling, once boiled pour the water into the cup, add milk, stir to preferred strength & squeeze out the teabag, stir a final time & then drink with an added “ahhh” for the final effect.


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