Rice Pudding

Rice pudding. When I mention to most people that I enjoy rice pudding I get strange looks & the reasons why no one should like rice pudding. It all boils down to school days & in particular school lunches.

Every school lunch contained sloppy rice pudding. Kids everywhere hated the stuff. It looked disgusting, smelt awful & tasted gross. I actually seem to be the only person who enjoyed & liked rice pudding.

Ok yes it doesn’t particularly taste of anything special & it doesn’t look appealing but it is a great winter warmer. Heat it up & pour in a bowl, snuggle under a blanket & enjoy. It’s filling but doesn’t over power your stomach.

I can understand people’s fear of rice pudding but I feel it’s one of those things that will keep going & going even though you rarely hear about it or see it advertised anymore. I say hail the rice pudding! Plus you can put any topping on it: honey/jam etc, it’s versatile & great to eat. 


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