Nuts. Not as in how I would describe myself but the food nut.

My husband loves nuts, he nibbles on them most days & has a habit that makes me giggle where he’ll pour a few out of a packet (dry roasted are his favourite) onto a plate & he’ll pick at them over the evening. Whereas I would pick at them straight out of the packet, I only eat salted nuts occasionally but only if I crave them but my husband will graze on nuts all evening.

I used to remember when bowls of nuts were put on bars for people to nibble on, the reason being was that the salt would make you thirstier & therefore you’d drink more making more profit for the owners. Oh yes they were not silly!

Until the health facts came out & they found that the bowls actually contained many people’s urine! Yuk. It told people that “hey many people don’t wash their hands” & “that you’re eating people’s pee!” oh yeah we loved them for letting us all know that information! I bet people stopped eating nuts straight after that! But I will guarantee that if you put bowls of nuts out now people will still eat them…why? Because when we drink we like to nibble & by nibbling nuts you will drink more!

It’s definitely a catch 22. Hence bags of nuts are now sold instead. So remember if you go somewhere where there are bowls of nuts be it at someone’s house/a party/or a bar there’s every chance that there are high levels of urine in those bowls. You have been warned. 


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