Xmas cake

Ok again I had trouble with this letter & by doing a little search I came up with Xmas cake which I know is a little cheat as its technically called Christmas cake. But hey I always use the word Xmas so here goes…

I have no idea why people came up with this idea. We now have birthday cakes, Easter cakes, Mother’s day cakes, Valentine’s Day cakes & of course Xmas cake. A cake for all occasions! To me it’s crazy & to be honest a bit of a con. I feel that the industries pray on people’s feelings etc to make us buy these things at special times of the year where they make billions.

Ok enough politics ha! I have never eaten Xmas cake. I used to watch my mum making one every year for the whole family to enjoy, she would decorate it & alongside that she do the Xmas pudding with brandy sauce to pour on top which you then set light to. I would look at the cake & smell it but never wanted to eat it. I don’t know why, I guess it just never really appealed to me. So each Xmas I would eat Xmas dinner & then skip on Xmas dessert (see what I did there lol). I would watch everyone else eat the Xmas cake whilst I ate a Satsuma. Ooh yes I’m really that adventurous.

The only thing I enjoyed about Xmas cake was that once it was eaten I knew it would be another year before another one was presented on the table with the same Father Xmas, Xmas tree & Xmas presents (see did it again. Ha.) figurines on top that had somehow lasted year after year.

Xmas decorations appear to be the only things that keep on going & going. If you had a decoration/clock/jewellery/something hanging/jumpers etc they would never last that long. It amazes me how a tree decoration you made at school age 5/6 could possibly continue to be as good 20+ years later. Amazing! Maybe that debate is good for another post…


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