I have to apologise to my followers & readers. My internet decided to let me down right in the middle of the A-Z challenge! Perfect timing huh! I was being charged extra to go on the internet on top of the monthly allowance…not good at all. So the internet was off limits until now. I have been writing these up in a word document & will now have to flood my blog with each post as I really wanted to complete this challenge. So sorry in advance for the flood of posts. I will also get round to the wonderful comments left by my readers; I appreciate each & every one of them.

So here we go with the rest of the A-Z challenge…oh how I’ve missed posting these up…

Jelly. I remember eating jelly as a child at birthday parties mixed with ice cream. It was always presented in a colourful paper plate with a plastic spoon. You’d sometimes get a mixture of jellies with a blob of melting vanilla ice cream. Why are jellies mainly suited to children? & why are they given at birthday parties.

The set routine at parties is: Jelly & ice cream then you all gather around for pass the parcel. The perfect party mixture! Kids would run over to tables squealing with delight the minute jelly & ice cream was mentioned, it would probably be the only time parents could get excited children to all sit quietly at a table. Kids would then be giggling over the wobbly jelly on a spoon even with a glint or idea in their eyes of chasing the others with it. Jelly equalled fun.

I love jelly (yes even as an adult) it’s quick to eat even if sometimes it appears to have no flavour. You know when you want to really taste the strawberry or blackcurrant within it but you get nothing but a mild twang. That leaves disappointment in my mouth.

I enjoyed making jelly as a child when you could rip up the sticky cubes into a bowl & pour hot water over them stirring before letting them melt completely & then placing the bowl into the fridge to reset. At which point you could then help yourself to it over the evening never really stopping at the first mouthful.

Jelly to me gives me visions of laughter, joy & even silliness. Even now it’s amusing & slightly exciting wondering as a joke to serve jelly & ice cream at adult birthday parties mixing it with beer/wine/champagne & a BBQ lol. Jelly brings back fond memories of childhoods where Jelly & ice cream were a fun thing to eat & enjoy at a young period of life but that would continue to be a part of your life as you have your own kids & their parties. 


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