Feta cheese. I love Feta. I’ll throw it into a salad with lettuce, cucumber, olive oil & sprinkle mixed herbs on top. It’s my version of a Greek salad but without tomatoes & olives.

I have no idea why I don’t have the whole Greek salad experience except that I can’t stand olives or tomatoes. If I have a salad or sandwich that has tomatoes in I will pick them out. Therefore when I do my own salad I’ll leave them out.

Adding Feta to a salad gives it that extra taste & makes it slightly different to the normal typically plain salad. It also seems to give it more oomph & for me makes me want to eat salads daily. In the summer I will happily eat Feta salads with potatoes every day, it makes me feel healthier & lighter.

I could easily get addicted to Feta which may not be a good thing but when cut into tiny pieces & crumbled over a handful of lettuce & cucumber it makes a salad more inviting & sounds fantastically delicious right about now…


  1. Yum, agree i eat it all the time too! I even put it on pizza!

    1. Ooh now there's an idea...Thanks Jen :o)


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