Lemonade. I’m normally a cola drinking girl but there would be only two occasions where I would drink lemonade: 1. when I have dry Martini Blanco with ice & slice of lemon topped up with lemonade 2. & when I have an upset stomach…probably from drinking the Martini above ha! But joking aside it does work for an upset stomach. I learnt it working behind a bar & still swear by it.

If you pour lemonade into a glass & then stir it with a fork until it goes flat, then drink it. Flat lemonade for some strange reason actually helps ease a dodgy tummy, I have no idea how or why but it does.

Sometimes I do enjoy a cold glass of lemonade especially the cloudy lemonade. When I see a bottle of cloudy lemonade I have to buy it then drink it non-stop. It has a much sweeter & nicer taste than normal lemonade. But I haven’t tried cloudy lemonade with the Martini…maybe I should just to see what it would taste like…now there’s a thought.


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