I was going to write about chicken but decided nope that for me wasn’t interesting enough. So I thought I’d write about something sweet…

Chocolate. Yay! Let’s have a big shout out for chocolate. We probably all know we shouldn’t indulge in this deliciously sweet delicacy but we do & when we do it’s extremely enjoyable.

Letting a solid piece melt in your mouth for a long time trying to savour the taste as it lingers on your tongue. Or even when you use it for baking & want to lick the chocolate covered spoon or bowl!

The trouble for me though is that I’m a chocoholic. A few people know this already about me & we used to have great chocolate discussions about your favourite make or flavour. I would try & explain English chocolate while they would tell me all about the American chocolate…yes they seem to taste completely different.

For me though I would happily scoff a whole bar of the sweet stuff without a second thought & I’d also probably start on the next bar too. But now when I’ve eaten a piece I get a sinking feeling. I don’t get the joyous ‘umm’ as I place a bite full in my mouth. This for me is shocking.

Instead I now sit there & think ‘why did I just eat that?’ perhaps after years of being a chocoholic my body is saying ‘hey you’ve eaten most flavours & ranges out there why don’t you give it up completely?’ to which I’ll reply…

‘Hell no! I may not get that ecstatic feeling about a bite of chocolate but I will not give it up. Plus one day there may be a new brand or flavour I haven’t tried & I may just want to taste it just to be sure. 


  1. ahhh a fellow chocoholic!! I LOVE chocolate!! I'm not fond of white or dark chocolate though. I can't just eat one piece - oh no...and don't leave a bag of M&M's near me! lol ~ Fellow A-Z Blogger :)

    1. Ooh I do not like dark chocolate either :o) & I completely agree about a bag of M&M's. What is it about them that makes your hand snake back into the bag for another handful??!! ;o) Thank you for coming by & commenting :O)

  2. I'm a fan of milk chocolate, especially really good milk chocolate. Mmm. Chocolate.

    Ellie, who has 3 blogs in the challenge
    Ellie's Blank Book
    Ellie's Couch
    Help Michigan Pets

    1. Thank you for commenting Eliza & i'm glad you are fan of chocolate :O)


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