Quiche. Ok what is it about quiche that you either love it or hate it (a bit like marmite…& for the record I hate that stuff) anyways I do like quiche particularly the one with bacon & cheese in it.

The only thing I can never decide on is if I prefer it hot or cold. When I eat it hot I wish it was cold & just out of the fridge then if I eat it cold I wish it was slightly warm. Yes you may call me odd/strange or fussy right about now & yes you would be right in thinking that! Ha.

I like the smell of quiche cooking & then I enjoy the crust around it when it’s hard & crunchy. Yum! I’ve tried a vegetable one but it wasn’t to my liking. So I stick with what I know, love & trust. It may be less healthy with all that cheese & bacon but hey no worries if I put lettuce with it I’ll kid my body into thinking I’m being healthy lol! 


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