Tidal Rave

Tidal Rave

Across countries you wander
attacking shorelines with your mighty currents
as you rise and fall with new tides
sweeping over the dark gloomy rocks
which are hidden deep in the ocean
sometimes catching glimpses of the sun.

Your surface sparkles in the sun
as back and forth you wander
into the vastness of the ocean
skimming the stones with your changing currents
teasing the various rocks
carrying you into the unknown with your tides.

Shimmering against your tides
is the brightness of the summer sun
where wildlife hides under the rocks
as they freely roam and wander
catching the fearless currents
when they migrate through the ocean.

Ships sail across the ocean
beating against the tides
avoiding your unforgiving currents
taking time out in the warm sun
in and out of ports they wander
navigating around the hidden rocks.

Children take home sticks of rocks
once they’ve dipped in the ocean
up and down they wander
playing chicken with the tides
resting and burning in the hot sun
as day turns to night marking new currents.

Waves crash alongside your powerful currents
smashing into the dreary rocks
as the moonlight smothers the sun
creating new desire with the ocean
tempting us with your shifting tides
which cover miles as you slowly wander.

Braveness takes over as people wander over slimy slippery rocks
where your soulful currents catch fallen teardrops in the ocean
as the free flowing tides travel in the setting sun.

 This Sestina was written for the NaBloPoMo Poetry Contest. Why not give it a go yourself! 


  1. Hello,

    What a great post! I think this is my new favorite blog! I will definitely be back to see what you dream up for the other letters, and to read more of your lovely writing. I am following now.

    I am doing the A to Z Challenge as well. Take a peek at my blog too if you get a chance! I write humor. (Well, I make myself laugh, and sometimes that's enough.)


    1. Thank you MOV :o) *blushing*

      I am now also a follower of yours & shall be coming to comment.

      This is the first time I've done this challenge & I'm finding it great fun.

  2. That's cool you did a sestina! I've written some, and they are definitely a challenge in reusing the same words with new meanings. I like the image of the children taking home the sticks of rocks dipped in the ocean.

    1. Thank you Margaret for finding me & commenting :o) I started doing Sestinas when doing my creative writing course & find them quite interesting & challenging especially having to stick to the formula. :o)

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Arrggghhhh shoot sorry I deleted your comment by mistake...doing this on my phone as my internet isn't working. Thank you for the congratulations :o) forgive my techno failure lol.

  4. Wonderful! Yay, you!!

    1. Thank you Beth, still doing my happy dance :o)


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