Wine. Ooh how I love that word & even more so the drink itself. I do enjoy a nice glass of cold dry white wine occasionally. I do not drink red wine or sweet white wine but I do also like a Rosé wine again when it’s cold.

I’ve tasted some really nice wines & some really awful ones. But there’s nothing better than on a warm summers evening having a glass of chilled white wine, extremely chilled, in fact so chilled that the glass becomes wet. Savouring the taste, allowing it to slide down slowly & to do the cliché thing of going “ahhh” after each sip.

Then you have champagne to put into the mix. At Christmas I drank champers with orange juice which was delicious & a perfect drink to have alongside a good turkey!

Yes the good old wine, something that supposedly gets better with age…is there anything more I need say? Ha. 


  1. I prefer white wines myself :) My favorite is the Williamsburg line...niiiiice :)

    1. So glad I have a fellow white wine drinker on my side lol :o) My husband only drinks red wine which can be pain when I fancy a glass of white lol. Thank you for coming by & commenting :O)


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