Gin. Personally I do not drink Gin for me it tastes too sour. But when I worked behind a bar gin was a regular drink for others.

I would offer a ‘double’ or ‘single’ shot, then you’d have to ask if they wanted a slice of lemon in it & ice before cracking the top of a bottle of tonic. Now I’ve seen & been asked for some strange drinks in my time behind a bar, that’s another post perhaps, but one time I actually frowned when someone asked for gin & bitter lemon.

Because I was so used to the usual gin & tonic requests this one threw me somewhat. But I served it & continued to serve it from that day on. But I never really grasped the gin & tonic thing. I know obviously people have many different drinks they like & enjoy but gin has that sour taste anyway & then tonic also has a sourish taste so what’s the point of mixing them together & who came up with that idea in the first place?

Mind you who comes up with the idea for mixers anyway? & why do we all follow those ideas? Gin will never be on my drinking list but I guess others in some ways find it refreshing to drink & enjoy it’s unique taste. 


  1. truth? gin makes me crazy. i can have one maybe two but more than that it changes my personality and not in a good way :(

    1. Oh no :( I don't think I have a drink that changes me in any that a good or bad thing though?! :(


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