For some strange reason these posts are taking on a sweet toothed theme! I’ll be the first to stand up & say ‘yes I have a sweet tooth, yes I may be addicted to sugar, but you only live once so what the hell.’

Doughnuts. I love them. I love the sticky sugary icing/dusting. I love the soft doughy texture. But I hate the jam filling. Ok they may sound a little nuts, after all who loves donuts but hates the jam filling. Simple answer…me.

I’m basing this in the UK. We for some odd reason fill doughnuts with sticky, gooey jam. It oozes out everywhere & creates a huge (fun) mess, I have no idea why this is done but it annoys me. I know there are many different varieties out there without jam but they are not the same & technically are not (or should not) be called doughnuts.

When I was younger I had a solution to this problem. I ate round the jam. I would cut out the middle section (as that’s the only place the jam is located) & give it to my sister. She loved it & worked out that she got twice as much whilst I was left with a pathetic small lump of sugary dough. I enjoyed it but it was missing that wow taste power if you know what I mean.

Obviously I tried eating the jam centre but I would just spit it out going ‘yuck’ in the process. Jam just wasn’t my cup of tea. Then I found the ringed doughnuts. These beauties had icing on the top in different flavours: chocolate or strawberry (with hundreds & thousands sprinkled on for extra measure) & not a hint of jam I sight!

These had the wow taste power. They made no mess & they also seemed to have less sugar on them. But you had to buy them in packs of 4. This would be ok if everyone ate them, but in my family I appeared to be the only one who would eat these. Now some may say ‘all the more for you’ I say ‘I felt sick of doughnuts by the fourth day!’

I do not tend to buy doughnuts now…in fact this is making me want one…as there is too many in a pack for just one person. So when I go shopping all I can do is stare & drool over them as I know that sickly feeling all too well for them to hop, skip & jump into my trolley. 


  1. Well, you are obviously supposed to read my entry for today. I wrote doughnut poetry!
    Gorgeous doughnut pics you have here.

  2. Oooh I'm just going to come on over & have a read :o) Thanks for coming by & commenting Donna.

  3. What a fun way to a-z I will check back for the z definitely!


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