Hamburgers. One simple word…yum! I love hamburgers especially with melted cheese on them & a dollop of ketchup. Not too much ketchup though as it spoils the taste! You put just enough in to give it a small kick.

I don’t like/need/want anything else in a burger. I don’t like it when they are over filled with onions, lettuce, tomatoes etc & if I have a Macdonald’s cheeseburger then the first thing I’ll do is rip out that slice of Gherkin thingy. Yuck!

One time my sister produced a homemade hamburger to me. I eyed it with fascination & with a watering mouth took a bite. Then when I looked down I gasped, to me it looked pink. I talked to her about this but the problem now with chefs is that their burgers are always served slightly on the rare side. I told her to take it away & cook it for longer. Me & rare beef do not gel. If you eat meat then it has to be cooked well & that goes for hamburgers too.

I know when I need red meat as my body starts a weird thing of craving it & this will last for days until that craving satisfied then it won’t appear for ages. Much like an itch really. When it’s been scratched its happy, when I have red meat I’m happy.

But I find cooking burgers a pain in the backside. There’s so much mess, oil, grease, etc then the smell lingers for days no matter how many windows you open.

Tonight I may indulge in the local take away & have a treat of a lovely warm hamburger filled with melting cheese & ketchup because the red meat is starting to be craved…damn my choice of a food A-Z!  


  1. You eat your burgers just like my husband does. I pile on EVERYTHING, so we have just agreed to disagree. I'll have to tell him there's another person like him out there. :-)

    1. Ha yeah we are a unique kind Danielle :o) thank you for coming by & commenting. Happy A-Zing.


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