Pimms. It’s Pimms o’clock time. That’s the catchphrase here in the UK for this particular drink. The minute the sun comes out then so does the Pimms.

The only way to drink it is in a jug, with lots of ice, slices of fruit: strawberries/cucumber/apple/orange/mint & then top up with lemonade. All I can say is OMG! This summery drink is divine & perfect for warm days & long warm evenings.

The fruit in this drink gives it an extra taste that is hard to describe, yes it’s alcoholic but as long as you don’t overdo the Pimms in a jug & put plenty of lemonade in then hey you could drink it all night…just don’t drive!

So next time the sun is shining or when it’s warm & you sit in the garden perhaps watching the sun set grab a jug of Pimms, pour yourself one, sit back & enjoy. After all its Pimms o’clock.  


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